When Food & Baverage Meet The Design


When Food & Baverage Meet The Design
Tanggal :
13 April 2019
Tempat : Conclave Ateri Jakarta Selatan
Waktu : 14.00 – 16.30

Deskripsi Event :
Interested to hear inspiring stories of how design works in F&B industry? Join us at #SharingAtConclave x BicaraMutu “When F&B Meets Design” at Conclave Arteri.

In this session you will get the chance to hear successful journey of Kopiyor & Wakacao in F&B Industry. Then amazing insights of design from Mutualist Creatives.

Bersama :

  • Andre Manggala (CEO of Mutualist)
  • Tjoek Widharyoko (CEO of Kopiyor)
  • Aisyah Hafizha (Co-Founder of Wakacao)

Pendaftaran :

More Information :

  • Fira : 081280492409