‪AGTIX, Accounting Goes to IBS


AGTIX, Accounting Goes to IBS
Tanggal :
16 November 2019
Tempat : Auditorium Indonesia Banking School, Jakarta Selatan

Deskripsi Event :
AGTI X IS COMING‼ So, if you are interested in Startup Unicorn, especially in Indonesia and wanna know more about the spesific role of accountant, let’s join our event to increase your knowledge

You’ll get many benefits from this event and how to be a professional accountant

1st Session : Seminar

  • Edward Tanujaya, S.E., AK., CA., M.Sc.
  • Director of Communication and Marketing Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (IAI)
  • Bigger Adzanna Maghribi, S.E., M.Bus.
  • Internal Auditor and Senior Analyst Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK)
  • Moderator : Dr. Etikah Karyani, SE., Ak., M.S.M.

2nd Session : Talkshow

  • Rachmat Anggara
  • Co-Founder Qasir
  • Adinda Amalia
  • Senior Busienss Development and New Initiatives Manager BUKALAPAK
  • Moderator : Hassan Alaydrus

Guest Star : Abdul & The Coffee Theory

Pendaftaran :

More Information :

  • Princessa : 0858 9051 0971
  • Devana : 0878 8241 7767
  • Instagram : ibs_agti

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