216 Cup Imagicnation

216 Cup Imagicnation

Deskripsi Event : 
There’s a lonely Queen who has a magical power. She saw a place where humans meet other human beings, where they will respect each other. “I was thinking about something amazing, it is called iMAGICnation. I want to create some competition, where happiness and sadness at the same time making them, will respect each other. October to November is the best time to realize the iMAGICnation come true!”

Magic is not an illusion. When you meet other people, it’s magic. You never know how it works. Because it’s ‘magic’ so, let’s get lost in our  iMAGICnation. Don’t miss it!

Daftar Kompetisi : 

  • Futsal
  • Basket
  • MTQ
  • Vocal Group

More Information : 

  • Instagram : 216project
  • Line@ (official account): @dkj4990q
  • Line ID : DiandraHanifa