Artbound, Valuing the Development of Art


Artbound, Valuing the Development of Art
Tanggal :
25 – 26 Februari 2017
Tempat : Lippo Mall Kemang, Jakarta

Deskripsi Event :
ARTBOUND is an art festival held by Universitas Indonesia’s Communication Department which features various arts packaged in a single event. It gives people chances to fill their passion as true performers and artists by giving them new experiences on stage performances and art exhibitions. Not only as an art festival,

ARTBOUND also stands as a platform for young artists to create and evolve by giving them real support through a private coaching clinic session with professionals from various fields. Through this event, beginner artists can establish wonderful networks and exhibit their works in a new different way. This event will take place at Lippo Mall Kemang on February, 25-26 2017.

Konten Event :

  • Stage Performance
    • Judged & Coached by : Taufan Goernarso & Achmad Ananda
    • Judged & Coached by : United Dance Works
    • The Gangband, Band Comm UI
    • Suarasa, VG Comm UI
    • Allegra, Fashion Dance Comm UI
    • Gypsum, Dance Comm UI
  • Art Exhibition
    • Photography, Judged & Coached by : Arbain Rambey
    • Visual Art, Judged & Coached by : Muhamad Taufik & Aprina Murwanti

Pendaftaran :

  • Harga Tiket Masuk : Gratis

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