Bynamic Festival 2017 “Nuansa Tropika”


Bynamic Festival 2017 “Nuansa Tropika”
Tanggal :
Sabtu, 9 September 2017
Tempat : BINUS SCHOOL Serpong – Jl. Lengkong Karya – Jelupang No. 58, Lengkong Karya, Serpong, Jelupang, Serpong Utara, Tangerang, Banten 15310

Deskripsi Event :
This year’s BYNAMIC Fest took up Indonesia’s abundant diversity of Flora and Fauna to recreate an ambience of Indonesia’s tropical nature by incorporating these aspects with art and music.

Menampilkan :

  • Payung Teduh
  • Rizky
  • Teddy Adhitya
  • Anayaka
  • Poka Wars
  • Senar Senja
  • And More To Be Announced!

More Information :

This Event Full Supported by EVENTJAKARTA