Case Teaching and Writing Workshop


Case Teaching and Writing Workshop
Tanggal : 6 – 8 April 2020
Tempat : PPM School of Management, Bina Manajemen Building

Deskripsi Event :
Are you a professional case writer and would love to enhance your skills? Join us on Case Teaching and Writing Workshop (CTWW) conducted by RC-CCH PPM Manajemen.

CTWW is a 3 days-workshop designed for professional and academics & all those who work in business and management and those who want to use cases as tools for real-world problem solving and experience-based learning. It aims to encourage and promote the development of case based teaching that is relevant to the practice of management and business development, especially in the context of Indonesia. It also develops cases for academics and practitioners and business management in Indonesia.

Target Participants: Lecturer, Practitioner, Trainer, & Consultant.

Fasilitator :

  • Aries Heru Prasetyo, Ph.D
  • Martinus Sulistyo Rusli, Ph.D
  • Andi Ilham Said, Ph.D

Pendaftaran :

  • Investment : Rp 4.650.000
  • Link Pendaftaran :

More Information :

  • Hotline : 021-2300313 #1108
  • RC-CCH : 0811 9500 063