e.COM 2015 “Travelling Around the World with English”


e.COM 2015 “Travelling Around the World with English”
Tanggal :
17 – 19 September 2015

Win Over IDR 40 Million Prize Trophies & Certificate

Competitions :

  • Story Writing
  • Debate
  • Speech
  • Scrabble
  • News Casting
  • Drama
  • Spelling Bee


  • Submitted story must be the participant’s original work. Any identification of plagiarism will result in disqualification.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed, provided that entry fee is paid for each submission.
  • Participants are not allowed to use third-party intellectual property such as fictional characters, poetry, song lyrics, etc. in their writing.
  • The submitted story must not already be published in any other media, both offline and online. If found otherwise, the entry will be excluded from the competition.
  • Committee and judges reserve the right to disqualify any submission that does not fulfill the requirements or any submission that is judged to be inappropriate or offensive.
  • Only participants who have done both complete registration and payment of entry fees will be considered for judging.
  • Winners will be announced on 19 September 2015 in both the competition venue and online. Winning participants are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony in order to receive their prizes. Winners that are unable to attend will be informed for further information about prize delivery.
  • By entering the competition, participants have given permission to the committee to publish the winning stories in an anthology book that will be rewarded to all story writing winners.
  • Unlike other competitions, there is no technical meeting for story writing.
  • Story writing participants are allowed to join other categories of e.COM competitions; there are no restrictions about this. In fact, we encourage you to do so!


  • A debate competition is a match-up between teams, which consist of 3 people each. The team will give their arguments about a given motion. They will take sides on the motion, having a different point of view of the case. Their knowledge will be tested in preparing the content to support their case. Their content should be presented with a graceful style to achieve their goal of persuading the adjudicators and the audience. Being quick-witted and using tactful strategies between the teammates are also the key of winning a debate match-up. The whole competition will consist of 5 preliminary rounds, Octo-finals, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, 2nd Runner-up match and the Grand Final. Twenty eight teams, competing in 9 rounds for 3 days, but only one shall be the winner—it’s the Debate Competition of e.COM 2015.


  • Quota of speakers: 45
  • Participant must be currently studying at senior high school level or equivalent, and fulfill the registration requirements.
  • Participants should recognize general rules of e.COM 2015.
  • There are four rounds of competition:
    • 1st round (September 17th): 10 participants will be eliminated and the rest will proceed to the next round. Time allocation of each participant is 7’ maximum.
    • 2nd round (September 18th): 16 speakers will proceed to the next round. Time allocation for each participant is 6’30’’ maximum.
    • 3rd round (September 19th): each four participants will be given a topic (4 topics for 4 groups of 4 speakers), the best speaker of each topic will be proceeding to the grand finale. Time allocation for each participant is 6’30’’ minutes maximum.
    • Grand Finale (September 18th): one topic for each speaker. Each participant is given 8’ to convey their speech.
  • Prizes are 1,800,000 IDR, 1,500,000 IDR, and 1,300,000 IDR for 1st winner, 1st runner up, and 2nd runner up respectively.
  • All participants MUST attend the e.COM 2015 technical meeting at which topics and regulation details will be informed.
  • Rules and Regulations are tentative.


  • Rounds: Each day of Scrabble will be 6 rounds for each day. This uses the same general rules of scrabble stated above.
  • 1 Round consists about 1 hour ( 25 minutes for each players and 10 minutes for others)
  • On the first and second day we will use Australian Draw system which the participant’s will be randomize using software.
  • On the second day, we will continue with Australian Draw system.
  • On the third day, we will use King of the Hill system which the participant will be matched according to the list (ex: The player on the 1st of the list will be matched against player on the 2nd of the list)
  • Note that there will be no elimination for scrabble, only using Margins (Differentiate between scores) for the score.

News Casting

  • Day 1 :Round I – The Cold Copy
    • Cold Copy– aka; Rip-n-Read – A script will not be seen by announcers until the moment s/he reads it.”
    • The first round will be a general round, where the participants deliver news script individually (2 scripts). One will be judged by their ability to deliver the news as a newscaster. Scripts will be given 10 minutes before performance time.
    • Maximum time to perform : 5 minutes
    • Dress code : Formal
  • At the end, participants who got through to round 2 will be requested to take a draw to determine their partners in round 2.
  • Day 2 : Round II –The Rookie
    • Participants will be paired into two per one team. Each will deliver entertainment news (2 scripts/team), and each will be scored individually. The one, who will get a higher score than the other, will move to the next round. Scripts will be given 10 minutes before performance time, and participants are allowed to bring the text into the judging room.
    • Maximum time to perform : 7 minutes
    • Dress code : Formal
  • There will be elimination in round 2
  • Day 2 : Round III- The Footage
    • The challenge begins in the third round, where participants must perform a live report on the indoor locations in which the committee had prepared. Participants must spontaneously do a report or even an interview to committee’s selected person. At the same time participants should also deliver business news that are prepared by the committees. The news scripts will be given 10 minutes before performance..  .
    • Maximum time to perform : 7 minutes
    • Dress code : Semi Formal and Formal
  • Day 3 :Round IV- The Talkshow
    • Participants must be able to carry out news (2 scripts will be given) and do talk show with guest that will be selected beforehand by newscast committee. The theme of the talkshow will be given on the D-day.
    • Maximum time : 10 minutes
    • Dress code : Formal


  • All participants or teams are required to attend the technical meeting for Drama Competition only, which will be held on September 3rd, 2015 at Binus International University JWC Campus.
  • Participants or teams who do not attend the technical meeting will be considered as void for the competition. Registration fee may not be returned.
  • Participants or teams of the Drama competition are not allowed to join other categories of e.COM competitions.
  • Participants or teams who are late 15 minutes or more, will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
  • No sharp weaponry or stationary are permitted to be brought or utilized during the competition.
  • The committees will collect any electronic devices or Apple Watch, including any similar watches from the participants before allowing them to enter the quarantine room. Participants or teams that are caught carrying any gadgets mentioned above will receive deduction of point (half point).
  • Participants or teams are not allowed to leave the quarantine room without consent and supervision from the drama committees.
  • Coaches are forbidden to enter the quarantine room.
  • Committees will not provide any assistance or property for performance purposes during any given time in both preparation and performance.
  • Copying previous drama performance or reenacting movie scenes will be considered as plagiarism. Participants or teams who do so will be penalized by deduction of point.
  • If participants or teams are not present when they are due and called to perform (maximum 3 callings), that particular participant or team will receive an automatic disqualification. Tardiness and unpreparedness during the competition will affect towards the running of this event.
  • Performance that exceeds the time limit will be penalized by deduction of point.
  • Participants are not allowed to be in the quarantine room after their performance has ended.
  • Winners will be declared on September 19th, 2015 in the competition venue and through online, either through social media or website. Winners are encouraged to attend the closing ceremony in order to receive their prizes. Winners that are unable to attend the closing ceremony will be notified for further information in regards to the prize delivery.


  • All participants should be in the competition room on time. Committee will start calling out participants’ names 10 minutes sharp after the scheduled time. Participant that is not presence in the competition room when his/her name is being called will be disqualified.
  • All the participants should participate in each and every round of the competition in consecutive order. If the participant fails to be presence in one or more rounds of the competition due to any kind of reason, he/she will be disqualified. No substitution of participant is allowed.
  • Spectators could come into the competition room to watch the competition after gaining the committee’s approval. Spectators are only allowed to watch the competition quietly and take pictures of the competition at distance that is permitted by the committee. Spectators are not allowed to:
    • Distract the participants or disturb the competition in any way.
    • Communicate and/or help the participants in the middle of competition.
    • Be noisy.
    • Leave the room in the middle of the competition (unless permitted by the committee).
  • Any violation to these rules might result in a warning or dismissal of spectators from the competition room.
  • Any changes to the rules will be announced before the start of the competition, but the committee and/or judge always have the right to change rules on site without prior notice if the situation warrants. All decisions by the committee and/or judge are final.

More Information :

  • Debate : 087882257272 (Evelyn)
  • Drama : 087881811823 (Anti)
  • Speech : 081380858677 (Albert Sani)
  • Spelling : 082110001551 (Bee Vanessa)
  • Story Writing : 087880681290 (Theresia)
  • Scrabble : 087869297459 (Venesse)
  • Newscasting : 087877504567 (Andreas)
  • Web : www.binus-e.com