Ekrutmeets 10


Ekrutmeets 10
Tanggal : 29 November 2018
Tempat : Cocowork Plaza Kuningan

Deskripsi Event :
In #EKRUTmeets 10, Joseph Aditya (CEO of Ralali), Daniel Witono (CEO of Jurnal.id), and Melisa Irene (Principal of East Ventures) will gladly share their experiences in regards to manage changes and challenges startup companies might face to scaleup.  And after the main talkshow, you are welcomed to join workshop sessions with Harris Naga Putra, Partner, from Insider and Priska Patianom, Product Marketing Manager, from GO-PAY @gopayindonesia. Here, the speaker will provide knowledge related to building superstar sales team and optimising social media in great breadth and depth.

More Information :

  • Hotline : 081394116696

This Event Full Supported by EVENTJAKARTA