ELEFAITH 2020 “It Starts with You”  


ELEFAITH 2020 “It Starts with You”
Tanggal :
13 – 17 Juli 2020
Tempat : Online

Deskripsi Event :
Education is fundamental and life changing. It’s role in every person’s life is so important. However, in reality, there are still many people nowadays who have not reached education access in a proper way. So, how can we as the part of the society contribute for a better education? Those questions will be answered during this talk show!

Come on! Let’s join our Talk Show “Soaring through Education”, with two sessions “EduMORE” and “EduACTION”.

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Also, don’t forget to join our online Mini Exhibition on July 13-17, 2020. Explore everything you wanted to know about education in Indonesia!

TALKSHOW : Soaring Through Education

  • Tanggal : 15 Juli 2020
  • Tempat : Online (Zoom)
  • Link Pendaftaran : bit.ly/talkshowelefaith2020
  • Biaya Pendaftaran : Rp 25.000 (Minimal)
    • * 100% Fee will be donated to Yayasan Lentera Membangun Bangsa, Yaysasan Tri Kusuma Bangsa, and yayasan rama – Rama as a support to underprivileged children’s education in facilities and online learning
  • Pembicara :
    • Choky Sitohang
    • Mikha Tambayong
  • Moderator : Krishervina R. L., M.Psi., Psi. (Lecturer Faculty of Psychology, Researcher, Announcer)


  • Tanggal : 13 – 17 Juli 2020
  • Link Pendaftaran : http://bit.ly/miniexhibitionelefaithuph
  • Can you find the hdden birds? Join the journey and win the prize!
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    • Write your wishses for Indonesia’s future education in : bit.ly/wallofhopeelefaithuph


  • You can make a change by supporting children’s Education with Elefaith
    • Donate to CIMB (No. rekening silahkan hubungi CP yang tertera)
    • Don’t’ forget to add.001 at the end of the donation : e.g Rp 100.001 and add ELEFAITH – YOUR NAME
    • Or Visit : kitabisa.com/campaign/elefaithforedu
  • Donation will be given to Yayasan Lentera Bagi Bangsa, Yayasan Tri Kusuma Bangsa, and Yayasan Rama – Rama as a support for underprivileged children’s education in facilities and online learning

More Information :

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