Generator 3.0 “Youth Conference”


Generator 3.0 “Youth Conference”
Tanggal : 22 – 23 Februari 2020
Tempat : Indonesia International Institute for Life Science (I3L), Pulo Gadung, Jakarta Timur

Deskripsi Event :
Calling all Indonesian youths to join Generator 3.0! Let’s assemble to develop solutions for national issues in five fields: Education, Technology, Economy, Social, and Cultures. This event will be attended by over 30 experts as the keynote speakers to lead the discussion about the future of Indonesia. There will be main conference with awesome speakers and sub-conference chambers with fun workshops.

Bersama :

  • Ernest Prakasa (Komika)
  • Martin Anugrah (Comeo Project)
  • Hari Sungkari (Deputi Insfrastruktur Bekraf)
  • Joshua Suherman (Majelis Lucu Indonesia)
  • Dave (Londo Kampung)

Pendaftaran :

  • Fasilitas :
    • Certificate
    • Lunch
    • Merchandise
    • and many more

More Information :

This Event Full Supported by EVENTJAKARTA