GRACHETA 2020 : Charitopia


GRACHETA 2020 : Charitopia
Tanggal :
5 September 2020
Tempat : Online

Deskripsi Event :
GRACHETA 2020 : Charitopia presents the first high school Pentas Seni coming to you, LIVE! yes, we are taking a risk because it’s going to be so fun & spectacular! Where’s the spirit?

You will be seeing :⁣⁣

  • POPON⁣⁣

As we all know Gracheta is doing Pentas Seni for a good cause, we are going donate the money! ⁣⁣

So don’t forget to get your tickets at KIOSTIX website or the Application, you can find them in Android or IOS. We are coming to you live on 5th September 2020!⁣⁣

More Information :

This Event Full Supported by EVENTJAKARTA