Indonesia International Week 2016


Indonesia International Week 2016
Tanggal :
9 – 22 Agustus 2016
Tempat : Jakarta

Deskripsi Event :
“The Stellar Archipelago” Indonesia International Week is one of ISAFIS annual event and manifestations of ISAFIS collaboration with International Week Coordinating Organization (ICWO) whose aim is to reduce gaps between nations through young generations. In this event, ISAFIS serves as a committee representing Indonesia and hosts selected participants across the globe. IIW is filled by various agendas in order to accommodate international students to learn about the holistic aspects of Indonesia, namely culture, economics, government works, student life, and many more.

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country in the whole world, consisting approximate 17.504 islands. It is also a home for 1.340 ethnics with around 748 languages being spoken. Each of Indonesians has its own identity from ethnic background, yet we respect each other and are united by Bahasa Indonesia as the nations’ language. For the people of Indonesia, growing up in such diverse society have brought tolerance, and mutual collaboration as the values that they keep in their lives. We are optimistic that this great connection among Indonesians would be able to encourage the connection of this program with other parties involved. To you the Indonesia International Week 2016 is bringing the values that lives in us as Indonesians, and presented to world to bring diversity and peace. Thus, we believe that tolerance, mutual collaboration and the values of kinship will bring us together.

Indonesia International Week 2016 will be held on August 9th until August 22nd 2016 in 4 cities across Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali. The event will be joined by 20 undergraduate students from Europe and Asia, 20 host families in Jakarta, and also local organization or community partner in Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali.

Informasi Mengenai Tempat :

  • Day 1 : Opening Ceremony, akan dilaksanakan di historia Cafe, Kota tua dengan mengundang undangan VIP dari kementrian dan kedutaan, selain itu juga dihadiri oleh anggota ISAFIS dan Partner, host family, sponsor, serta media partner lainnya.
  • Day 2 : Campus Visit ke Universitas Indonesia. kemudian dilanjutkan dengan melakukan eksplorasi lokal di daerah kota tua atau kunjungan ke kantor Gojek Indonesia (tentative, tbc), kemudian diakhiri dengan International dinner di salah satu bar and lounge di jakarta
  • Day 3 : Dari pagi hingga sore, merupakan waktu khusus yang diberikan untuk host family menghabiskan waktu bersama participant. Pada malam hari, akan dilaksanakan cross cultural night sebagai malam pertukaran budaya. lalu keesokan harinya, acara akan dilanjutkan dengan pejalanan ke bandung

More Information :

  • Facebook: Indonesia International Week
  • Instagram: ISAFIS
  • Twitter: ISAFIS_official
  • Youtube: Indonesia International Week