Indonesian Mime Festival (IMF 2020) “Recognizing Pantomime in Wider Range”


Indonesian Mime Festival (IMF 2020) “Recognizing Pantomime in Wider Range”
Tanggal :
13 Desember 2020
Tempat : Online (Standarmime YouTube channel)

Deskripsi Event :
Indonesian Mime Festival (IMF) is an international festival that present a celebration space for pantomime artists in Indonesia and abroad. This festival is an annual event organized by Standarmime Foundation to present a forum to exchange aspirations as well as sharing education to the Indonesian society. Indonesian Mime Festival in its first implementation, organizing mime performance artists from 8 countries – Japan, Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Austria and Indonesia.

The program of IMF 2020 are: “Pantomime Competition” that involves students, “Showcase” that involves local artists and “Let’s Talk about Mime” that involves several art experts to share their experiences and understandings about pantomime.

Konten Event :

  • Main Performance
  • Showcase
  • Let’s talk about Mime
  • Pantomime Competition

More Information :

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