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The 15th LSPR Theatre festival Class 18-13A Proudly Present :
Tanggal :
Jumat, 7 Agustus 2015
Tempat : Prof. Dr. Djajusman, Auditorium & Performance Hall, London School of Public Relations (LSPR), Jakarta
Waktu : 18.30 – 19.30

Deskripsi Event : 
As a part of our assignment in our course of Introduction to Performing Arts Communication, and for the purpose of taking part in the 15th LSPR Theatre Festival, class 18-13A will be performing a folktale from Central Java, Indonesia, “Jaka Tarub”. “Jaka Tarub” will give the audience a refreshing entertainment. Filled with comedy, drama, love story, this folktale reborn will definitely amaze the audiences.

Synopsis :
Seven angels, daughters of the mighty and wise God (Dewa Wisnu), descend from Nirvana (Heaven) to earth to do the things they aren’t alllowed to do in Nirvana. After a long day of doing bow & arrows and playing a game of football, they go down to the forbidden part of the woods for humans where there’s a waterfall. All sweaty and dirty from playing footbal in the mud, the decide to take a bath under the waterfall, but as the 5th angel, Nawangwulan, separates herself from her sisters, a man named Jaka Tarub and his Brother passes by the woods and notice the girls. Realising they were angels, they stole 1 shawl from the bunch intending on using it as a ransom to but a new gaming system (carambole) and hid it back in their home without the girls knowing. As the girls finish up, they all decide to ge back to Nirvana, but as it turns out, the stolen shawl belongs to Nawangwulan, they left her there alone fearing the wrath of their father. Jaka Tarub and his brother comes back to the location only to discover that the angel left behind was the ugliest and grumpiest one. They then invite her over for dinner.

After several days of searching for the shawl, she gives up and decides to live a human life. She then eventually marries Jaka Tarub after one year of spending time together. Her sisters worried, up in Nirvana finally fed up for the injustice of the unintentional exhile of their beloved sister and decide to forget the rules and visit her. They finally meet her and exchange stories. They ended their meeting with a sad departure. Sad being left on earth again, Nawangwulan goes back home. Jaka Tarub’s mom tells her that she would love to make a celebration for Nawangwulan’s marvelous meeting with her sisters and asks to bring a barrell to make the celebratory Kolak (in which is the barrrell where Jaka Tarub hid the shawl). As she finds the shawl, Jaka Tarub arrives home only to get into a massive fight making Nawangwulan leave him and fly back to Nirvana.

At Nirvana, sad, Wisnu advised Nawangwulan to go back to earth and give Jaka Tarub a second chance since they love eachother so much in which she then agreed and goes back to earth to forgive. On earth, she surprises him by being quiet but still violent in nature. They made up and showed their love for each other.

  • Production Manager : Widyadhari A
  • Director : Nutiria F
  • Director : R. Melody
  • Script Writer : Meidy E
  • Lecturer : Mr. Mikhael Yulius Cobis

Cast :

  • Bukie M
  • Demie E
  • Ferdinand A
  • Triami V

Ticket Price : Rp 30.000
Total Seats : 200 Seats

More Information :

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