KOMPeK 19th Optimize


KOMPeK 19th Optimize
Tanggal :
5 – 9 Februari 2017
Tempat : Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Indonesia

Konten Event :

  • ERP, Economics Research paper
    • KOMPeK’s Economic Research paper is suitable for theose who seek to channel their critical thinking into a research paper
  • EQ, Economic Quiz
    • The oldest competition in KOMPeK. The standard of KOMPeK’s Economic Quiz is highly regarded to be on par with OSN (National Science Olympiad)
  • EDC, Economic Debate Competition
    • Challenge the participant to be both highly anlytical and confident as they compete with 32 best teams gathered from all around Indonesia
  • BC, Business Challenge
    • Stimulates the participant to propose the very potential business from their own hometown while being assisted by some experts and successful entrepreneurs

Pendaftaran :

  • Tanggal Pendaftaran : 13 Oktober – 23 Desember 2016

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