Metallurgy and Materials Week 2015 : SEMINAR NASIONAL


Metallurgy and Materials Week 2015
National Seminar : Accelerating & Expanding Indonesia’s Economic Through Industrialization
Tanggal :
10 – 12 November 2015
Tempat : Auditorium of Djokosoetono, FHUI, Kampus UI, Depok
Waktu : 09.00 – 16.00

Deskripsi Event :
Material UI. Every year, we spread knowledge and provide people information concerning metallurgy and materials engineering.

This year, The MnMs Week focuses on the triple helix sector (academician, business, and government) to create integrated perspective by the current issues and future road map projection of industries. Where the discussion will offend the technology & innovation, human resource, markets & government regulations, national & global economy dynamics (trends), and the sustainability itself.

The major goal of the MnMs Week is for students which have multidisciplinary background of being an academics, business, and government layer to carry out a new integrated perspective, comprising of these four components (technology, regulation, economic, and social) and placing equal importance to all four areas in the hopes of breading innovate ideas and thoughts to solve the complex problem for the future industry development.

So then, in our expectations to make the goal of MnMs Week comes true early, we would like to present you The MnMs Week 2015 in “ACCELERATING AND EXPANDING INDONESIA’S ECONOMY THROUGH INDUSTRIALIZATION” to know what truly happen with our beloved country in economic, industrials, bureaucracy, and human resource development sector. Where those objects, will be presented by the expert speakers from their field itself in hoping us to find who truly we are, what we have to do next, and what we have to prepare and plan further as the Indonesia’s valuable assets.

Moreover, not only just a national seminar, this year MnMs Week also bring a new event called as Expo, which will include scholarship info from department of high education RI, and many companies will join to show their works.

Keynote Speaker :

Day 1 : Enhancing Indonesia’s Economy

  • Budi Santoso (President Director at PT Dirgantara Indonesia)*
  • Surjanto (General Manager of HRD at PT INKA)
  • Satria Patriosiando (Presidnet Director at PT SS Boatyard)
  • Avanti Fontana (Profesionals of Sismennas at Lemhanas RI)

Day 2 : The Power of Economy “Industrialization”

  • I Made Dana Tangkas (Director at PT. TMMIN)
  • Pundjung Setya Brata (Director at PT. Adhi Karya)
  • Pratjojo Dewo (Vice President Director at PT. Komatsu Indonesia)
  • Yhenda Permana (Director & COO at PT. Badak LNG)
  • Teddy Badrujaman (President Director at PT. Antam)
  • Jarman (Directorate General of Electrical Supply)
  • Iskandar Zulkarnain (Chaimran at LIPI)

Day 3 : The Importance of Bureaucracy and Human Capital

  • Syarif Hidayat (General Secreatary at Ministry of Industry)
  • Said Ridwan (Director of Investment Planning for Manufacturing Industry at BKPM)
  • Widodo Eka Tjahjana (directorate general of Regulation & Constitution at KEMENKUMHAM)
  • Gunawan Susanto (President Director at IBM Indonesia)
  • Christophe Bahuet (Coutnry Director at UNDP Indoensia)

Moderators :

  • Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H., LL.M.,Ph.D (Professior of International Law UI)
  • Nofrijon Sofyah, Ph.D (Advanced MaterialSSs Researcher UI)
  • Achdiat Atmawinata (DEN / National Energy Council)
  • Jamaludin (Head at HINABI)
  • Ir. Harun Al Rosyid, MT., M.M. (CEO at IndopowerInternational)
  • Faldo Maldini (Former President of BEM UI 2012)

More Information :

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