National General Biology and Medicine Competition 2020


National General Biology and Medicine Competition 2020
Tanggal :
10 Oktober 2020


  • BioComp is short for Biology and Medical Competition.This is the competition you’ll want to participate in if you want to challenge your limits and knowledge in biology and general medicine – SPECIAL SENSES will be this year’s theme! (Bold the special senses nya) Competing with the best students all around Indonesia will be an experience you’ll never forget!
  • How many rounds are there for BioComp?
    • Preliminary Round : 50 teams
    • Semifinal: Integrative Exam : 20 teams
    • Final: General and Medical Biology Quiz : 5 teams
    • Grand Final: Students Objective Oral Case Analysis (SOOCA)


  • Public Poster is the new face of the Social Campaign Competition in NMGBC. Bringing a brand new outbraving form of competition, our Public Poster Competition would not only encourage critical thinking, but also challenge the future impactors of the nation to actually bring changes to the society. This is the perfect competition for you to meet other excellent students with critical thinking!
  • How many rounds are there for PubPos?
    • Preliminary Round : 10 teams
    • Campaign – through social media
    • Presentation – online meeting!

Timeline :

  • BioComp
    • Preliminary Round : 3 October 2020
    • Semifinal, Final and Grand Final : 10 October 2020
  • PubPos
    • Latest submission of poster and abstract : 20 September 2020
    • Campaign & Poster Voting (IG likes) for Favorite Poster Award : 3 October – 9 October 2020
    • Presentation : 10 October 2020

More Information :

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