Process Engineering & Energy Days Universitas Indonesia (PGD UI) 2018


Process Engineering & Energy Days Universitas Indonesia (PGD UI) 2018
Tanggal :
15 – 17 Maret 2018
Tempat : Universitas Indonesia, Depok

Deskripsi Event :
Process Engineering & Energy Days Universitas Indonesia also known as PGD UI, is the annual grand event of Department of Chemical Engineering Universitas Indonesia that accommodates the students in terms of knowledge transfer of energy, process engineering, and its relation to economic development. The theme for this year is  “Creating Innovations to Shape The Way We Live Tomorrow”.

The event will be held on March 15th through 17th, 2018 at University of Indonesia, Depok. PGD UI 2018 offers big improvement on experiencing professional problem solving and making ideas related to energy issues, gained creativity by innovating product design as a path to answer sustainable energy future challenges, and accelerated knowledge covering technical and non-technical aspects of oil and gas industry in shape of competition, delivered to you.

This year, PGD UI presents a series of events. The events are Chemical Product Design Competition (CPDC), Student Energy-Model United Nation (SE-MUN), Petroleum Integrated Smart Competition (PETRONATION), International Student Paper Competition (INSPECT), and National Seminar in collaboration with Forum Energizing Indonesia.

Competition  :

  • Chemical Product and Design Competition (CPDC)
    • Theme : Designing Fresh and Applicable Ideas to Suport Sustainable Environment
    • Total Prize : IDR 45.000
  • Student Energy – Model United Nations (SE-MUN))
    • Theme : Sustainable Production of Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
    • Total Prize : IDR 6.250.000
  • Petroleum Integrated Smart Competition (PETRONATION)
    • A fast paced quizcompetition covering technical and non – technical aspects of the oil and gas indutstry
    • Total Prize : IDR 7.500.000
  • International Student Paper Competition (INSPECT)
    • Providing innovative solutions to actualize the sustainable future in a form of an integrated paper
    • Theme : The Future of Energy Resilience : Innovation to Create Sustainability
    • Total Prize : IDR 7.500.000

National Seminar

  • An annual national seminar in collaboration with Forum energizing Indonesia which attended by public and private decision – amkers, students, and business representatives who discuss their ideas to solve current energy challenges


  • A closing event o fPGD which consist of speakers and innovators across the country with the theme “Investing on Youth : generate ideas into business”

Registration :

  • CPDC : November 5th – December 10th 2017
  • SE – MUN : December 15th 2017 – January 26th 2018
  • PETRONATION : December 15th 2017 – January 26th 2018
  • INSPECT : December 15th 2017 – January 15th 2018

More Information :

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  • Facebook: Process Engineering Energy Days
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