Sabtu Santai Episode. 3 : Picnic & Curated Outdoor Market


Sabtu Santai Episode. 3 : Picnic & Curated Outdoor Market
Tanggal :
6 Agustus 2016
Tempat : Twin House, Jl. Cipete Raya No. 4B, Jakarta
Waktu : 10.00 – 22.00

Deskripsi Event (English Version) :
Jakarta, Indonesia:  The pioneer in picnic and curated outdoor market, SABTU SANTAI, is back with its third episode on Saturday, 6 August 2016 (10:00 – 22:00). And to mark its first  anniversary,  SABTU  SANTAI  Episode  3  will  be  held  at  Twin  House  Cipete  –  South Jakarta where Episode 1 was born.

In less than one year SABTU SANTAI has already created two episodes and one indoor mini episode. All of them were created by  high public demand. Now the Episode 3 is coming in “Tribal Africa Papua” theme consisting 25 nifty curated tenants from fashion, arts and crafts, home living, and F&B sectors. Coupled with two workshops (both for adults and kids), fun and relaxing on site activities, and sunset time Dj performances.

The main goal in creating SABTU SANTAI is simply to inspire people on how to enjoy their Sabtu  (Saturday) by reconnecting with the nature. The first idea was brought in early 2015 by the desperation of Artiks Production team to have an enjoyable outdoor activity in the middle of this packed concrete neighborhood. Then SABTU SANTAI was born—a one-day fun picnic market around South Jakarta area filled with a lot of uniqueness people rarely find inside the town.

Konten Event :

  • Play with Paint by Nufus Art
    • Experience glow in the darfk face painting, beauty nail art, and henna tattoo
  • Relaxing Your Body
    • Free Back massage from GO-MASSAGE* Starts from 12 noon until 6pm, Free Merchandise & Vouchers
  • Basic Hydroponic for Adults and Kids Above 7yo
    • Kelas dasar mengenai cara menanam sayurdan dengan teknik hidroponik ini akan dimulai dari jam 10 pagi hingga jam 12 siang. Kelas ini terbuka untuk dewasa dan anak – anak diatas umur 7 tahun. Info lengkap bisa menghubungi Rika : 081319760875
  • Art Theraphy Coloring Workshop with Popo Mangun
    • Kelas tanpa atap kali ini akan di pimpin oleh seniman berbakat Popo Mangun (@popomangun). Dalam kelas ini tidak hanya sekedar mewarnai, tapi kalian juga merasakan sesnsai terapi dari proses mewarnai di kelas #belajardiluar bersama Popo . Kelas ini terbuka untuk umum , baik anak – anak (umur 4 tahun ketasa) hingga dewasa.
  • Fashion, art, and Craft Bazaar
  • Home and Living Products
  • Food and Beverage
  • Glow in the Dark face Painting by @nufusart
  • Relaxation massage by Go Massage
  • Sunset DJ Performance

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