Senapan Cup 2017


Senapan Cup 2017
Tanggal :
22 September 2017
Tempat : SMPN 68, Jakarta

Deskripsi Event :
Ululululu! Wanna hear something different? We unana like there is no tomorrow, why don’t we just help bring back the aztec culture?

Apply paint on your faces, prepare your voices to scream, and see the miracle of Aztec in SMPN 68 Jakarta.

Let everyone know that the ancient Aztec has return.

So why don’t you speed up your pulse a bit and be part of our journey?  If you wanna be part of us, contact these persons below on LINE:

Daftar Kompetisi :

  • Futsal
  • Basket
  • Tari Tradisional

More Information :

  • Futsal : alfauzanbillah (Line ID)
  • Basket : mraihan033 (Line ID)
  • Tari Tradisional : jasmine0833 (Line ID)
  • Instagram : senapancup
  • Twitter : senapancup