SPWI 2018, Seminar Pengembangan Wawasan Industri


SPWI 2018, Seminar Pengembangan Wawasan Industri
Tanggal ;
7, 14, 15 April 2018
Tempat : UI, Depok

Deskrispi Event :
Hello Future Leaders, SPWI UI is coming back in 2018 with brand new topics and events!

Which highlights one of the most recent, most discussed, & most influential issue in the current industries.

SPWI 2018 proudly presents this year’s theme: “Welcoming Industry 4.0: The Revolution of Business Activities in Indonesia’s Industries”

Get an opportunity to know what jobs and activities to expect in businesses when you graduate to face Industry 4.0 Era, to know the way to create, produce, and deliver products and services in Industry 4.0 era  as well. Gain the information directly from amazing related academicians and pracititioners from related companies in various industries.

Join and participate in one of the greatest event on Industrial Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. So, don’t forget to buy our tickets at our website www.spwi-ui.com and see you in the future!

Konten Event :

  • Talkshow “Getting to know : Indonesia’s Overview of Industry 4.0 Era Development”
    • Tanggal : 7 April 2018
    • Tempat : Auditorium Vokasi, UI, Depok
  • Seminar “Digging Deeper : Establishing Your Business with The Basis of Industry 4.0 Technologies”
    • Tanggal : 14 April 2018
    • Tempat : Auditorium FH, UI, Depok
  • Workshop “Utilizing Industry 4.0 : Increasing your Value in Workforce by Implementing Big Data Analytics Using KNIME”
    • Tanggal : 15 April 2018
    • Tempat : Auditorium FH, UI, Depok

More Information :

  • Angywa Nadhira : 081318844992
  • Safira Nurul Fathia : 081316591007
  • Instagram : spwi_ui
  • Twitter : spwi_ui
  • Line Official : @uil6622x

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