The 22nd ALSA National English Competition


The 22nd ALSA National English Competition
Tanggal :
19 – 24 April 2018
Tempat : Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia, Depok

Deskripsi Event :
Hello, Future Champions!

Have you made up your mind to join the competition you desire? There are a myriad of competitions in our ALSA E-Comp 2018, which consists of Debate, Model United Nations, Battle of Brains, Newscasting, Paper Presentation, Speech, Spelling Bee and Storytelling for both varsity and high school!

Think no more! Registration for competition has opened and this is just the right place to challenge yourself and win a total prize of Rp 126,000,000,00!

Join to compete with other great minds to widen your knowledge and improve your skills. Be the next champion and part of the history of one of the biggest english competitions in Indonesia! See you in The 22nd ALSA National English Competition!

Daftar Kompetisi :

  • Debate
  • MUN
  • Battle of Brains
  • Newcasting
  • Ppaer Presentation
  • Spelling Bee
  • Storytelling

Pendaftaran :

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